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"Don't  you know, Nana? Guys don't say 'cute!"

Don’t you know, Nana? Guys don’t say ‘cute!

So so sorry, Adam.

But girls, and especially proud Nanas, do say ‘cute’ when it comes to their adorable grandsons.

Oops! Have I just committed another faux pas?

Cute and adorable in the same sentence. Guess you’ll just have to ‘get over it!’ and live with your Nana’s flattery.

’cause you are so very cute!


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And Now for the Story…

( you just had to know that there’s a story waiting to be told. Didn’t you?)

Ghost theme image 3It was deep into the month of October on a dark and very stormy night.

Ethan, Adam and Nana decided to explore the neighborhood cemetery in hopes of finding a ghost or two or maybe even three.

But… EEKS! They never expected to see their own ghosts floating and wandering hither and thither. “Now what do we do?” they wondered out loud.

“We’re out of here!” shouted Adam at the top of his lungs.


Well now… would that those words were the beginning of the real story. How much more exciting than what really happened that late Saturday afternoon in Autumn.

Ah well!

It’s the “cuteness” of what follows that captured my heart and stuck in my memory banks to end up here on the family blog of memories and pictures galore.

As it was, Adam and I had several hours to spend together that afternoon. Dad and brother Ethan were off to an overnight camp (Adam was still too young for overnights) and Mom was off to a school fund-raiser for the evening. That left Adam in his Nana’s care and with some “mad money” in his pocket just waiting to be spent… his fondest wish was to head into town and visit Teri’s Toybox, our most favorite store. Since this Nana can hardly resist making fondest wishes come true, we did exactly that… take a walk into town before the stores closed that afternoon.

As it happens, our route took us past one of Nana’s favorite stores. Little did Adam know that Nana’s attachment to this store went way back to when Adam’s mother and his Aunt Allison worked there during their high school years. So, Nana couldn’t help but slow down and linger a bit and just window gaze ’cause The Papery is known for their pretty holiday windows and this time of year was no exception.

“Oh Adam, look!” she exclaimed. “Isn’t the window cute?”

The Papery Window

With furrowed brow and obviously a bit peeved at having to slow down and window gaze when Teri’s Toybox was just steps away, Adam responded quickly.

“Oh, Nana, don’t you know that boys don’t say cute?”

Nana’s funny bone was tickled! When did he get so smart, she wondered to herself. Or so already ‘grown up’ that he recognizes that real men don’t ‘eat quiche’ or say cute….

“Oh, you’re right, of course, Adam. What a shame that boys don’t say cute ’cause there’s so much in the world that is just that… cute! Including my kitty Sadie and, you, my dear grandson. But I’ll remember not to say cute. When you get all grown up into a young man…. may I say handsome when you are?”

No answer…. just a shrug of the shoulders and did I detect slightly pink cheeks?

Next stop… Teri’s Toybox and a new treasure to find.

Teri's Toybox

Teri’s Toybox

While we’ve found many a treasure at the Toybox, I do believe that you came home that afternoon with the sword and armor of a knight in shining…. armor that is! Not sure that the impending Halloween holiday had anything to do with your choice ’cause you seemed to be drawn like a magnet to the sword. You came home and swashbuckled all evening. We had a picnic dinner on the blanket and watched some videos and you told me more than once that “this is the best time ever, Nana.”

Well.. we all know by now that those words in one way or another became the ‘Adam mantra’ when he was having a splendid time and appreciating it for all it was worth. But, to my ears, those words were music… a virtual symphony of sound.

Thank you, Adam, for spending such a delightful few hours with your Nana and teaching me just when and when not to use the word cute. I’ve been realizing alot lately how just overused the word is and I’m making more of an effort to improve my vocabulary.


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