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How to Define an Aphrodisiac?

What would the flutterings of
courtship be without a meal?

I cannot separate eroticism from food
and see no reason to do so.

One January night in 1996 I dreamt that I jumped
into a pool of rice pudding where
I swam with the grace of a porpoise.

Saturate your nose with glistening, soulful vanilla,
and you can taste it.
      It must make her berserk
      with desire and frustration.

Why is food so sexy?

Titbits are to the table
what kisses are to lovers:
a delicate definition of what is to come later,
when you slip into something more comfortable.

We smell always and with every breath. We live
on the leash of our senses.

Seville for me is the sweet sweet fragrance
of those plums and the jasmine that
at dusk filled the air with desire.
      Small loaves of fresh baked bread
      breathe sweetly.
      “I’m so hungry” she whispers.

The poet and the baker are brothers
in the essential task of nourishing the soul.

      How sense luscious the world is.

Poem assembled here today by Julie in response to this week’s prompt on the We Write Poems website: Stringing Pearls.

My sources for this “conversation” of sorts are Diane Ackerman’s A Natural History of the Senses and Isabel Allende’s Aphrodite A Memoir of the Senses.

It’s time to think about dinner. Ooo… the limitless possibilities. I’m suddenly ravenous ~ Julie


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