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So….. can you believe it? I majored in English and taught it for many years before leaving just in time to give birth to my first-born and become a permanent stay-at-home mom….. but, I’d never come across cento poetry. Wish I had because it would have made for a tremendously fun and very enlightening lesson plan.

Back to Cento Poetry…. Cento is Latin for a cloak made of patches. A Cento poem is figuratively stitched together using lines from a poet or poets other than ones’ self…. Hence, patchwork poetry. Delightful! Simply Delightful!

Here follows my one and only “sewing lesson” at poetic patchwork. More on the poet, who both introduced and inspired me, eagerly awaits the telling… but poem first please…


She has left to a child’s valley of snow blossoms.
And let the wind blow down from
the high valleys.
One last ghost remains sadly wondering.

Moon came, laid calico skin on
the river face.
Are these your eyes that seek
our last embrace?
Eucalyptus wind stirred by monarch wings,
each bough bends before winds waiting touch,
saying – here, come this way, send
your breath here.

Turn left where the sky goes ochre.
Your eyes make me want
another day.

Just so, my loving settles into the winds.
Who I am now is partly you.
I will let the breezes prowl across
the open spaces.
As my desire rolls to you, like some tide
rising to your moon,
you discover close and far are one horizon.
Afternoon slides in through blinds,
eager warmth seeking some home
to lean into.

She waters me.

There a black shirt, vaulted scent of
your lotion, embossed by your fingers.
Like wind whispers dreams, none
dare else would say,
She thinks it is letters that I send, but
it is the wind instead.
And the wind spoke, unbroken
Some poems are just like this,

I know! I know! Where’s the music? Diana Krall should be singing in the background something like….hum, let’s see….. perhaps “the look of love is saying so much more than just words could ever say”

Except that this poet’s words say more than just looks could ever say.

I’m nothing if not Romantic (with a capital R) and this cento poem from the work of a contemporary poet and wonderful friend of mine was sheer bliss to put together. I thought it turned out rather great and was pretty proud of myself. I’m not at all sure that the poet would agree but he has no one to blame but himself since he put the notion into my head and kind of challenged me to write.

As a consequence, he must live with the consequences and just “get over it.”

I simply adore my patchwork version of his poems and could revel in the reading of Wind’s Refrain over and over.

This cento poem was patched together from the poetry of Neil Reid. For more of his work, please visit him at

Thank you my dear Neil….


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