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‘Hi, Julie. It’s your Aunt Aline.’

With Amy off to an afternoon playdate and Allison finally down for her afternoon nap, I’d just settled into my favorite sunny spot in the family room to catch a brief rest and a few minutes with my favorite book when, annoyingly, the phone jarred me back to reality and up off the floor to make it into the kitchen before its last ring.

‘What a nice surprise, Aunt Aline. How are you?’

Now my dear Aunt Aline was my favorite …. I adored her smile, her humor, her pragmatic and yet eccentric outlook on life and her definite way with shopping. But…. it was unusual for her to make a phone call so I suspected that something might be amiss. Sure enough….

“Oh, Julie dear….. I’ve wrestled with my conscience about this phone call to you.”

Egads! That sounds dire! What might be coming next?

“I know the family has doubts about these dreams of mine and how foolish they think the future meanings are but I take them seriously so I just had to tell you about one I had the other night. At least I will have warned you….”

Warned me? The neck hairs rose…

Aunt Aline was the notorious family clairvoyant. While never sitting in front of a crystal ball or struggling with a ouija board, her visionary dreams were well known among us but only proved fortuitous every so often. Something was telling me that I didn’t want this particular dream she was about to share with me to be in that. . . ‘every so often’ category.

I was right!

While already a very protective mother (some might say overly so), my Aunt Aline’s dream in which she sees one of my three beautiful children drowned in the family bathtub …..made me that much more protective…. at least for quite some while to come, especially since dear Aunt Aline couldn’t tell me which one of the three it was. The third was still a work in progress and just weeks away from arrival, so I had years and years left to be mindful of the dream and diligent about bathtub safety. Fortunately, the dire dream never came true and we made it through pre-school and beyond for all three. . . without losing a one.

Speaking of one. . .


rose border

So perhaps in the end… younger sister Carol (my mother) was indeed a bit wiser for all the growing years of being in the shadow of two older sisters. For when I told her of Aline’s phone call and that dreadful dream of hers, Mom’s reaction was scolding and pragmatic at the same time, “shame on her for scaring you like that but I guess it doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious when little ones are in any body of water, even the bathtub.”

Despite the distance of time and place that a ten year age difference can impose upon a relationship, Aline and Carol held true to Margaret Mead’s observation about sisters that. . .

aline and carol on porch


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