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hand in hand

I love this picture… oh how I love this picture. No wonder it made the Christmas Card for that year. Drenched in Minnesota’s humidity, their curls had no fighting chance as they walked the nearby fields. Since we’d just arrived for our yearly visit with Minnesota family, I was barely up and out of bed, cup of tea in hand, and ready to greet the girls as they returned from gathering their wildflower bouquets.

welcome to lakeGiven to mom with pride, the girls’ bouquets proudly graced the family dinner table that evening for one of the most memorable feasts of my lifetime. Breaded in a mixture of flour, cornmeal and seasonings to taste, Minnesota sunfish are delicately panfried to perfection… add some homemade tartar sauce, packed with crunch, texture and just the correct sweetness… add some creamy, yet pungent coleslaw, delicious midwest freshly picked corn-on-the cob, slathered in sweet butter, sprinkled with salt and you have a mouth-wateringly delicious dinner… sloshed down, of course, with a freezing cold bottled beer.

fishing by the lake 7
I ate and ate and ate and still wanted more.

Thanks to bugs and bugs and more bugs, eating outdoors is an impossible summertime scenario in Minnesota… the only thing that might have improved the evening’s meal. Had to settle for the indoor long dining table parked in front of the picture window that gave us our lake view. The aroma and taste of this delicious repast linger with me to this day.


rose border

It’s a heart connected activity you know…. the holding of hands. Big sister… little sister. Big sister Amy’s hand gently enfolding little sister Allison’s hand… a spontaneous, caring gesture of sisterly love, as no prompting was necessary even from the photographer.

Without words, hand holding says I love you or, at the very least, I like you. We all have the basic human need for touch and the holding of hands helps fulfill that need and thereby intensifies our feelings for one another. It offers comfort, safety and even a sense of protection.

So… when did it start I wonder and where did it come from? For most of my life I’ve had this romantic fixation with the holding of hands. Perhaps it symbolizes my longing for connectivity….for that moment, anyway, holding someones’ hand is an act of togetherness that gives you a sense of belonging to and sharing with another the happy contented realization that you’re not facing the world alone… brief as it may be.

Yes… dreams are made of this…. I’ve always wanted to walk the beach with someone holding my hand.

Alas…. my thoughts wander as I just digressed from the practical fish fry dinner to an imaginative beach somewhere.

I was right…. I do love that picture!


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