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“A room with a view”




Dearest Fullmoon,

Weep not…

Spreading branches
embrace child,

a graceful life.



~ julie © july 2012




And this gorgeous maple is the view so artistically framed by my dining room window. I sit here often to gaze upon the view, as you would on a bench in a gallery keeping company with fine art. Then there’s Sadie, my adopted feline friend, who seems to enjoy the view from her windowsill perch, as much as I do from the “bench.”

One evening this past week, I was working in the garden alongside an angel named Janine who is teaching me all about how a garden grows and how “cultivating delight” does exactly that in our lives. As we were contemplating this weeping, cascading green maple and just when and where to do a little pruning, I remembered reading somewhere in folklore how many oriental cultures believe that passing an infant through the branches of a maple will impart a healthy and long life. With that sudden memory and delightful image, I began to play with finding those twelve words.


My poem in twelve was written in response to this week’s prompt #115 at We Write Poems… Counting fingers plus two


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