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Dear Nick,

After all these years, your lovely, tenacious lilac tree has surpassed my border of arbor vitae trees in height. The boughs drape beautifully over my side of the dividing line between our properties. And, it will always be your property in my mind. How many bouquets came from this lilac bush to be placed gently on my front porch as a kind and chivalrous gesture?

I lost count after you left and have been too too reluctant to go cut a branch or two for an inside bouquet. I know you wouldn’t mind in the least but I’m not at all sure of the intent of the new property owner, as he is more than a bit of a curmudgeon.

Funny, huh? I know that description was often given to you but ‘they’ weren’t witness to the charm that you shared with me. I’m not at all sure that my ‘charms’ would win over the new owner of your property and I’m not going to test them out. I’d rather remember the many lovely conversations we shared over the fence before the lilacs and the arbor vitae grew to such immense heights. Even Jack in the Beanstalk might find the height intimidating and Rapunzel might not have enough hair to let down. So… Nick and Julie’s chats before the armor of nature’s growth will remain with me.

The warmth of sunshine this last April week erupted the aroma of lilac, as it permeated the air and nearly drove me mad with delight.

Geez! I love that last sentence and I think you would too. We would smile knowingly at its ‘romance novel’ appeal.

I miss you Nick!

May that lilac tree grace the property line we share for all my days left to enjoy both its’ beauty and perfume.


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