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mica and me
micah pumpkins
Confused you say?
I know! I know! What’s all that…. (horses and Mr. Ed and Micah and me) got to do with the price of tea in China?
I shall explain…. Well, no! Since they actually have nothing to do with the price of tea in China, maybe explanations won’t help at all.

Let me begin again!

You see…. Sixth in the line of seven grandchildren is Micah and he lives rather far away. As a consequence, our paths don’t get to cross all that often. So, I’m both amazed and thrilled that we’ve formed a close bond in spite of the distance. That I adore all seven of my beautiful grandchildren is a given, but I’m always a bit surprised and immensely pleased when the feeling seems to be mutual. To say that Micah has unbridled enthusiasm and affection is no understatement and his Nana likes it a lot when he lavishes them on me during my visits.

It was on a field trip to the pumpkin patch last Fall when Micah captured my imagination and charmed me with our conversation above. He’d just taken his turn riding the horse when we sat together on bales of hay while sister Ivy had her turn and it suddenly occurred to me how long ago it was that I had been on the receiving end of riding a horse. I began to think out loud and Micah’s utterly sincere answer “of course” was the result. Since I was more than half kidding with my question, as I have no intention of ever trying to ride a horse again in my lifetime, it wasn’t Micah’s confidence in my abilities that stood out and caught my attention…. rather it was the words he chose to so emphatically endorse his confidence. Like… it goes without saying that….. of course (you can ride a horse), Nana.

While those two little words may seem a simple or even small thing… when one thinks about the complexity of teaching young toddlers the concept of yes and no and using them correctly, it’s noticeable that Micah so often substitutes the yes answer with those two words, “of course.”

And, Nana started noticing.

“Do you think we could…..?”
Of course, Nana.

“Is this the right piece to the puzzle?”
Of course, Nana.

“This is fun, Micah. Can we do it again?”
Of course, Nana.

All inquiries answered, of course, with most polite sincerity.

But then…. it got kind of fun to challenge Micah a bit with some questions to which I knew the answer should not be in the affirmative….. just to see the result, of course.

“Did you pick up your toys, Micah? and….. “Have you gone potty before we leave for the pumpkin farm?”

Of course, Nana.

I ask just a little forgiveness here for my overt attempt to trip him up. After all, how many toddlers answer truthfully to any “potty” question?

Alright dear readers. I think you get the gist!

I’m not so naive as to overlook the trickiness of this phrase.

“Of course,” depending on tone of voice and the context of expression, can be encouraging and polite or insulting or just plain playful, and sometimes even patronizing.

So far Micah’s endearing use of the phrase, except for an occasional slip every now and again, seems to be on the simple level of polite and endearing sincerity. Let’s hope his sophistication stays at that level for some time to come.

After all…. do cowboys ride horses? (well, duh?)
Of course, Nana.


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