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ivy and micah and easter bunny


ian on bike

Look at that! Seven grandchildren all in one post! And, mostly all up to date in photo shoots with the one exception…. that picture of Emily and Elizabeth was taken quite some time ago. Still an all time favorite and just had to include it in my Spring celebration.

Did you ever stop to ponder that if we had no Winter, Spring would not be nearly so marvelously pleasant and appreciated? Just one of the many reasons why I so love where I live. Don’t know what I’d do without the full definition of the four seasons. And then too… while we have the seasons, we never really have the harsh reality of what the four seasons are like elsewhere. Feet and feet of snow in the Winter or scalding hot temperatures that Summer can bring are not reality here in my small corner of the world. Okay… so it can rain a lot but there’s so much to appreciate about a rainy day and I do.

spring butterfly

But right now this day today… Spring has sprung and things are awakening and coming into bloom, including the stirrings that I sense within myself and those around me.

So here I offer some observations on just what makes the arrival of Spring so very fine. . .


spring birdsThe lighter evenings. Out from hibernation they come… as outdoor seating emerges from many of the restaurants and coffee shops in town.

Waking up to the sounds of spring outside an open window, as birds sing and gather nesting material.

Noticing happier people as they walk through the door of our shop, wanting to purchase a new spring top, is one of the annual signs that winter is finally taking a last bow.

Seeing our customers dressed in more colorful clothing. The dark and sober shades of winter are giving way to Spring’s livelier palette and everyone notices the difference when they come into the shop. Ah color!!!

Blossoming trees and shrubs illuminate the town’s corner gardens at this time of year. Their brief flowering is one of the loveliest displays of the season.

Mowing of the lawns for the first time evokes the smell of freshly cut grass and with it so many memories of spring on campuses and in neighborhoods.

And last, but certainly not least…

14330520_s‘It’s always lovely to see lambs frolicking around in fields. This time of year is lambing season – and there can be fewer more remarkable sights than seeing a lamb enter the world. Spring would not be what it is if little lambs were not to be seen dancing in the fields.’ (courtesy of sue dowman and The Lincolnshire Echo.) How perfectly lovely and British!!

‘Cause just who am I kidding? When was the last time I saw lambs frolicking in the fields? However, that does make me think of Sadie and her sojourns on the sunny deck… meager tho they may be, she has had a few of those already this spring and you can just see her salivating for more of the great outdoors on a sunny day.

gree spring


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