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Twas summer of the year 1948.

Put a garland of blooms in my hair and a bouquet of wildflower sunshine in my hand…. why I could play dress-up for hours and hours of self-discovery and joy.


Mom’s Closet of Many Colors


I remember …

Peridot fronds on a tapestry shawl
as they scrolled across rose-bud yarns.

Spicy henna flowers
as they twined around
the textures of her heathered sweater
of goldenrod.

A melange of cream and grey
on the gossamer lace
of her best dress.

A cerulean paisley of peacock feathers
on the blouse she wore
to church every Sunday.

Gold, copper and espresso
in an ombré of earthen tones
adorning the jacket she saved
for “special occasions” like
New Year’s Eve.

Pyrite and topaz briolettes
that embellished the swag of burnished gold chain
she called her “dress-up” necklace.

The picture of her
in the portrait neckline
of her chevron cabled velvet top
with all the swirling hues of an evening sky.

Feast for the imagination
in the best “dress-up box”
her daughter could hope for.

Ah… to reside in a box of crayons


~ julie © september 2012


rose border

Assembled here from my pot of miscellaneous shards of this and that in an attempt to write my poem for the prompt asking us to “colour a poem” and just never got around to having a clear vision and finishing it. So now…. one poem seems to fill the shoes for both prompts but most especially my offering for this week’s prompt at We Write Poems Poem Leftovers


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