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stacey birthday

Sisters share the scent and smells – the feel of a common childhood.
~ Pam Brown

Today is my sister’s birthday.

Happy Birthday, Stacey!

By the way, did we ever tell you (I’m sure that we must have mentioned) that you were going to be named Jackie right up until a few days before you were born. Mom was watching a favorite TV program when she spotted the name Stacey in the credits and the rest is history.

And then there were three…

On September 30th 1954, a beautiful baby girl was born. With big blue eyes…. crystal clear yet pure in color…. gentle skin and a tuft of soft blonde hair, this sweet infant would soon become a most important and special part of my world.

I honestly don’t know who awaited your arrival with more eager anticipation….mom or me!

I was in love with the idea of motherhood from that early Christmas when a baby doll and crib found their way under the tree. So when I was just nine years old (almost ten) and not quite ready for the ‘real’ responsibilities of baby-sitting a living, breathing, pooping, crying infant, I pleaded, begged, cajoled and even offered to share ‘motherhood’ with mom if we could only have a new baby in the family.

When what to my wondering, hopeful eyes should appear… but the announcement that mom was going to have a baby and our family was about to grow larger by one.

Having already been big sister to a rather mischievous, almost bratty, little brother, my wishing for another baby in the family was a real gamble. One that paid off in spades and spades of happy moments together. I can’t recall ever worrying that I might have another sibling of such deviousness as brother Jim… what was I thinking or not thinking? Thank goodness that I just forged onward with my pleas and along came Stacey and a baby sister that filled so many of my hours with sheer delight and nurturing lessons… all of which prepared me for the motherhood of my own beautiful threesome.

Thank you Stacey for the gift of you and all the loving hours we got to spend together.

Once again…. Happy Birthday!

Love from your big sis,



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