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gingham girl

May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun
And find your shoulder to light on,
To bring you luck, happiness and riches
Today, tomorrow and beyond.
~ Irish blessing

I have no story to tell and no memory to share ’cause Ivy and I have yet to know one another. But oh what a darling granddaughter has graced my family. And, I’m so very excited my son and his family are moving home. Perhaps our walks around the neighborhood in Scottsdale when you were so little will continue on a beach near Nana’s house and we yet have memories to make.

Well… come to think of it….yes a memory or two for you to know when time will tell. A memory that is strictly mine but perhaps you will like to hear some long time from now.

Dear Ivy,

There was a short time when I walked you for hours on end to keep you sleepy and content. I was there in Scottsdale for a couple of weeks when you were about six months old. We spent many an hour walking the walk…. inside the house, outside the house, along the many pathways in your neighborhood. I knew the blocks well and I knew which side of the street had the most shade. I’m no fan of the heat and so we walked away the cooler morning hours. I got stopped so very often by neighbors who wanted to admire your very adorable ‘baby ways.’ I was proud to call you granddaughter. Pride, however, got me in trouble ’cause stopping to show you off almost always wakened a sleeping baby and we would need to move on quickly to “rock” you back to sleep.

I remember shading the reclined stroller with your blanket and very quietly moving it aside to see if you were sleeping. Sometimes your big, beautiful eyes were wide awake and staring right back at me as if to say, “didn’t work, Nana. Keep on walking” Mind you… you never were terribly fussy when awake but restless, as if you needed the motion and sway of the stroller’s gait. So on we went for another block or two and then another peek under the cover to see if sleep befriended you. Such a sigh of relief when your little body relaxed into that calm state of deep sleep and I could quickly get us home to park the stroller in another room and then take a short rest myself before we started the routine all over again.

We were such good walkers way back then and I look forward to showing you my park and my beach and my small town with all its many charms. We will walk all of them together some day soon.


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