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re-assuring,comforting, soft-spoken and kind…

My dear uncle john and aunt harriet

My dear uncle john and aunt harriet


Dear Uncle John


From his leather chair,
with a soft whisper of ‘hush,’
one tear swept away.
Comfort falls from bended knee,
‘your papa will be here soon.’

~ julie © july 2012


‘Is he not the most handsome of men?’

One of my mother’s four brothers and my most favored uncle of all the troops… dear uncle John how I loved and adored you with all the adoration and love that the tender heart of a seven year old girl could muster up. Gone so young from all our lives…. but, to this very day of my life I remember that one moment in time when you rescued me from the deep despair of homesickness with your gentle touch… the kindness in your voice and the re-assurance of the words you spoke to me.

Seeing the youthful anguish in my demeanor, as I curled up on your sofa, you came from across the room and on bended knee, so as to cradle my face in your huge hand, let me know that all was well with my world and I would soon be home safe and sound. Little did you know that much more was going on inside my homesick self…. I was letting myself down and so disappointed that I hadn’t been able to last what was supposed to be a week long visit with my most favorite aunt and uncle. I’d thought myself so grown up and was so excited to come home with you and Aunt Harriet and all my cousins after the family picnic at my house..

Alas! What’s a little girl to do when she “caves” into missing her family? Why call home, of course, and plead to be rescued.


Tanka poem written here today by Julie in response to this week’s prompt on the We Write Poems website: Tanka You.

Thank you Hannah for our prompt this week. Perhaps my contribution is not quite within the boundaries of a pure Tanka but as coincidence would have it, I was sifting through mother’s pictures and this one landed within my vision and brought up swift memory and emotion. So be the end result.

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