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“Leggo my eggo!”

Emily at age three or so… Breakfast at Nana’s house with glasses big enough to see you. Never mind that they are upside down on the nose. That doesn’t seem to be taking away from enjoying those Eggo waffles and maple syrup. Yummo!

And, all the while, Nana is scurrying around looking for her glasses.

“Now where are they?” she wonders out loud.

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Twas the Night Before Breakfast…


Emily was so tired tonight. So off she went to get all tucked into Nana’s bed.
She lay with her teddy bear and pillow just tossing and turning…first this way…. then that way.

But Emily couldn’t sleep.

“Nana,” called Emily. “Are you still awake?”

“Yes,” answered Nana. “I’m here.”

“I can’t sleep, Nana.” said Emily.

“Why can’t you sleep, Emily?” asked Nana.

“I’m scared,” said Emily.

“What are you afraid of, Emily” asked Nana.

“I’m afraid I might have a bad dream,” said Emily.

“Just think of something happy, Emily. Then you won’t have bad dreams.” said Nana.

Emily tried and tried to think of something happy, but she just couldn’t.

“Nana,” called Emily. “Are you still there?”

“Yes,” answered Nana. “I’m still here.”

“Can you help me think of something that’s happy?” pleaded Emily.

Nana had to put on her thinking cap and think and think. Then she suddenly remembered something very happy that she knew Emily always looked forward to when she came to visit.

“What’s in Nana’s kitchen right now that’s just waiting for breakfast for you and me to share? Can you remember, Emily?”
asked Nana.

“WAFFLES!” shouted Emily… “and butter and maple syrup and…. apple juice. “That’s so yummy,” said Emily. “And happy too!”

Yes,” said Nana. “Now only the dawn is sad.”

“Dawn who?” asked Emily.

Nana chuckled to herself. “Why, that’s just a fancy word for the morning, Emily. I didn’t mean to confuse you.”

“Why is the morning sad?” asked Emily.

“The morning is happy when it gets to wake us up, Emily.” answered Nana.

“But I’m already awake,” said Emily.

“That’s why it’s sad,” said Nana. “If you’re awake now when it’s dark outside, then the morning can’t wake us up when it’s light again.”

“Oh!” exclaimed Emily. “Nana, I’m tired. When the morning comes and wakes me up will you still be here?”

“I’ll still be here,” answered Nana.

“Good,” said Emily. “That’s a happy thing too.”

“Yes,” said Nana. “That’s a very happy thing. Good night, Em!”

A thinking girl


But, Emily didn’t answer.

She was already sound asleep

with dreams of ‘waffles’

dancing in her head.


While my short story is very close to conversations between Emily and I during overnight visits, I must give credit and admit to taking some poetic license and inspiration from Joyce Dunbar’s delightful tale ….Tell Me Something Happy Before I Go to Sleep

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