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CIRCA 1977. . .

Road side stop on a sunlit Autumn day, as we made our way to Leavenworth and Octoberfest . . wearing her happy yellow turtleneck, Amy couldn’t resist plucking a few strands of gold from a patch of grass and blooms.

Sounds crazy, but color theorists say your body absorbs the vibration of the color you’re wearing which, in turn, affects your brain and can actually alter your mood. I wonder. . . maybe they aren’t kidding when they say put on a happy face and go spread sunshine all over the place. And then. . . if theorists are correct, and it does make sense as to why color affects our mood, then putting on a yellow shirt can’t hurt!

“Hello Yellow!!”


rose border


At last! After several days of windy showers and a much cooler temperature, the sun has decided to re-appear and one feels happy again. Not that I don’t love a rainy day… I do!

But there is something deeply truthful about Van Gogh’s observation in a letter to his sister…

“Now we are having beautiful warm, windless weather that is very beneficial to me. The sun, a light that for lack of a better word I can only call yellow, bright sulfur yellow, pale lemon gold. How beautiful yellow is!”

Window of old house

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Yellow Dandelions Border
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Well… that was rude! I wasn’t done yet… lots more to say when somehow this post got published. Wonder how that happened? Now you the reader wouldn’t probably notice the difference but I the writer can’t leave my last thoughts on the color yellow unwritten.

So…. I’ll be brief and put a closing note on the fun I was having waxing poetic about all the emotion evoked when one is in the presence of this happy color. I’ve been noticing a lot lately how customers in the clothing boutique where I spend a lot of my time have been gravitating to many of our newest items and it’s no coincidence that these cute jackets and tank tops are bright sunshine yellow.

In his book Theory of Colors, I think that Johann van Goethe got it right when he noted that…

“with yellow the eye rejoices, the heart expands, the spirit is cheered and we immediately feel warmed.”

If colors are the ‘smiles of nature’ as Leigh Hunt once observed, then yellow has perhaps the biggest smile of them all.

yellow brick road

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