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Make Way For Ducklings


How I used to adore that children’s book Make Way For Ducklings. As with most children who latch onto a favorite book… some familiar and comfortable “blankie” or stuffed animal, I must have made my mother read about those ducklings who followed their mother safely across the streets of Boston to the waiting pond on the other side, hundreds and hundreds of times over. Is that why those photos above ring with such nostalgia?

Mom was busy at home with the Thanksgiving dinner while my father kept me “out of the kitchen” and out of her way by amusing me with a bag of bread crumbs, a short walk to Greenlake’s edge and a flock of ducks and ducklings with which to share some of our dinner by “stuffing” them with their very own sidedish. Mom’s stuffing always was and still is the very best ever made. To this day, no Thanksgiving in our family goes without it. I’ve served it up to many…..always with rave reviews and requests for its’ recipe which was difficult to share, as I don’t remember there ever being a specific formula to follow. It was always “to taste” as Mom would say.

I’ve no doubt whatsoever that those Thanksgiving dinners and my walks along the water’s edge were the seeds that began to sow my absolute love for all things about the Autumn of the year.



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